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this spring Colin Read (Mandible Claw) will release his new full length video. it will have parts by Open riders, Connor Kammerer, Kenji Nakahira, and Alex Fogt. or, joint parts. i’m actually not 100% sure!!
also a full part by Ryan Barlow. Ryan has left Open to just skate and do his own thing. but i can tell you his part will also be very sick. so! check out the trailer. and once it comes out. check back we will hopefully have it in our store.

Bordeaux Backtail

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Connor was in Bordeaux getting some clips for the upcoming Mandible Claw video. Aymeric Nocus took these nice photos of a backtail transfer into a bank.

VX Board Shots

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Open Board VX 1000

Finally got around to taking some shots of the new VX board. Buy here.

the shop

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TODAY 12/07/12 at 11pm EST, is the last day to order from our webshop, and your ordering being able to get to you by the holiday.
sorry for the last minute notice.


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OPEN promo. Featuring:

Connor Kammerer, Ryan Barlow, Evan Borja, Kenshiro Yagi, Alex Fogt, and  Kenji Nakahira.

Filmed and edited by Colin Read.

youtube link is here. for you guys into youtube

Kenshiro Yagi

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a new photo, and  update with Kenshiro. pushing and eating tacos.

got clawed

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Connor Kammerer went and got on the title image of mandible claws blog. Connor will have a shared part with other Open rider Kenji Nakahira.


Kenji Nakahira in SB journal (jp)

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here is a photo of Kenji Nakahira, shot in NYC, published in the Skateboard Journal. out of japan.

gap, over bar, cellar door landing.